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How to trim O-rings

The unvulcanized O-ring rubber is a viscous fluid under high temperature and pressure. When it comes to the molding and vulcanization stage, the rubber quickly fills the mold cavity, and the excess part (in order to prevent the lack of rubber, the rubber filled in the cavity must be Keep a certain amount of excess) overflow and vulcanize,

Rubber seal inspection knowledge

Lack of material:The product has no obvious outline or there is no glue injection or dissatisfaction with glue injection in individual parts or obvious signs of rubber flow;

How to correctly assemble the V-shaped sealing ring

The V-shaped sealing ring is a one-way sealing device, which belongs to the range of a lip seal. The V-shaped sealing ring mainly has two materials, one is pure rubber material, and the other is fabric rubber material. Among them, pure rubber material is used. The main use of nitrile rubber and neoprene is the most commonly used, and can also be used in combination or superimposed when the working pressure is high. The highest working pressure of the V-shaped sealing ring can reach 60mpa,

The performance and application of natural rubber

Natural rubber is made from the latex of hevea gum. The chemical name of the polymer is polyisoprene. Polyisoprene can also be polymerized from its rubber matrix monomers. Natural rubber has many excellent physical properties: the resilience rate can reach 50%-80% at 0-100℃, the elongation rate is 1000%, the tensile strength of pure rubber is 17-25Mpa, and the vulcanization is reinforced by carbon black.

Detailed explanation of the material properties and use of perfluoro rubber

Perfluorinated rubber is composed of TFE(main chain),PMVE(branched chain)and bridging parts.It not only has excellent high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance like PTFE(resistant to more than 1,600 chemicals),It also has the elasticity of rubber,and its chemical monomer structure is similar to polytetrafluoroethylene.The working temperature of ordinary medium-resistant perfluoro rubber is-25℃~240℃.The high temperature resistant perfluoro rubber can reach 320℃and can work at 300℃for a long time.

Brief description of O-rings

O-rings O-rings (O-rings) are a kind of rubber sealing ring with a circular cross-section. Because the cross-section is O-shaped, it is called O-ring rubber sealing ring, also called O-ring. It began to appear in the middle of the 19th century, when it was used as a sealing element for steam engine cylinders.
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