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The countermeasures for oil leakage due to inadequate sealing of oil seals

During installation,if the outer surface of the shaft diameter is low in roughness or has defects such as rust spots,rust,burrs,etc.,it should be smoothed with a fine emery cloth or oil stone;clean oil or grease should be applied to the oil seal lip or the corresponding position of the shaft diameter.Coat the outer ring of the oil seal with sealant,and wrap the keyway on the shaft with hard paper to avoid scratching the oil seal lip.Use a special tool to rotate the oil seal inward,and do not hit hard to prevent the oil seal from deforming.Or squeeze the spring to fail;

Use of seals in life

Seals have a wide range of uses in life.Basically,things that have something to do with machinery will use seals.As big as cars and airplanes,as small as lighters,mice and so on.All have to use seals.There are many types of seals,which can be divided according to the raw materials:compared with common silicone rubber seals,fluorine rubber seals,ethylene-propylene rubber,polytetrafluoroethylene,neoprene,polyurethane and so on.
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